I started my diverse career in the entertainment industry six years ago while living in Oregon. Having just graduated from Portland State University with a focus in music, I decided I would switch it up to be a self-made artist rather than a concert musician. Advantageously, the Northwest weather kept me indoors where I diligently pursued text books, educating myself in graphic design and soft goods, just to name a few. All of this while opening and managing an independant coffee shop.

My enthusiasm and thirst for experience led me to numerous opportunities: Commercial Window Design and Installation, a unique line of Holiday Greeting cards sold at numerous retailers in the area, and a custom clothing line. All of this culminated in the Fall of 2008 when I serendipitously landed my first Art Director position on ABC's Supernanny. I said goodbye to the coffee shop, and hit the road for a priceless education in Art Direction on a nationally syndicated reality show.

I moved to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2010, ready for new and exciting opportunities. While being here, I've enjoyed working with the Sculpture and Fabrication community, as well as pursuing a career in the Entertainment Industry as Art Department. I look forward to the potential this amazing city has to offer, and as always, ready for the next big adventure!

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