Art Department

Set Dressing & Props, Various Productions since 2010

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Production Designer & Art Director, Atlanta ExesHollywood Exes, Basketball Wives

-SketchUp Drafting for Construction Build and Network Approval
-Graphic Design for Network Presentation, displaying actual Set Dec elements
-Communication and collaboration with both Directors and DPs
-Crew management and scheduling
-Cost effective problem solving & Budgeting

Art Director, various music videos, Fallout Entertainment
-Utilizing location resources and potential
-purchase and rental control, insuring quality results on a tight budget
-On Set trouble shooting
-Crew and budget management
-Intern management and guidance

Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz, "Superlove"
Nickelback, "Trying Not to Love You"
Prop Fabrication, Art Department and Event Management, Mad No More Productions

-Designed and engineered custom art sculptures, functional and static
-Construction and paint for a high profile, themed environment
-Resourced highly stylized embellishments for custom art pieces
-creative problem solving for prop construction

Art Director, Death of the Shiek / Silent Life, Dreamer Pictures

-Quality control and intensive organization on 1920's period production 

-Accountability for art budget and props 

-Oversaw art crew efficiency with a focus on moral.

Art Director, ABC's Supernanny, Shed Media  

-Worked in an unpredictable production cycle, meeting progressive deadlines and production demands
-Prop Building in an erratic variety of mediums, hand-made and digital
-Set Decorating and staging for submissions and family meetings
-Worked closely with high-profile talent, balancing her desires with production needs
-Excelled in self-starting and time management in a high-paced and critically demanding environment
-Sourced varied and specific products in random, off the wall cities