Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation - ABC's Supernanny, Art Director

To Whom It May Concern:


I can’t say enough good things about Cam Sampson.


She is bright, has a positive attitude and generous spirit with her co-workers. She is eager to jump into the unknown and even more eager to learn from her mistakes. She cares about the job she is doing and takes pride in doing it well. She rolls with the punches when new insane demands are made of her and when decisions are changed at the last second. She resources the materials to build fantastic props while in Podunk towns with little more than a Piggy Wiggly or a Post Office. Bottom line, she can usually get it done; even if she’s never done it before.


Stephanie  Schwam

Executive Producer, ABC’s Super Nanny

Letter of Recommendation - Java Mama, Employee, Pre-Management and Store Opener

December 04, 2007


R & S Group, LLC

Java Mama Coffee

2917 SW Hume Court

Portland, Oregon 97219


To whom it may concern:


I am writing on behalf of Ms. Sampson – easily the most multi-talented, hard-working, productive, and influential employee in my dozen years of business life. I recommend her unequivocally, and envy the firm that manages to capture her talents.


Whatever Ms. Sampson sets out to do, she absolutely masters. Since a coffee house requires an exceptional range of skills, from the self-evident “customer service” demand to the less obvious requirement of an ability to constantly anticipate and prepare for new tasks and “surprises” under pressure, Ms. Sampson’s perfectionism in all aspects of work has made her a stellar employee. But what puts Ms. Sampson in a class by herself is her relentless desire to do new things, to seek new challenges, and to meet them at the highest level. When we needed a new baker, for example, a job which requires arriving to work very, very early in the morning, Ms. Sampson said she would do it – and she did, and with much better results than the person she replaced. Furthermore, her work ethic and energy are so astounding, that we eliminated replacing her on her normal shift for several hours, because she literally works for two. She is constantly innovating and perfecting and turning out “the best”, no matter what the task. This perfectionism and determination to create at the highest level of quality applies to her personal artistic endeavors, as well, whether they are the design and production of scarves, handmade greeting cards, or window design. When I say “multi-talented”, I mean multi-talented.


Ms. Sampson’s personal style of non-stop hard work is even a little daunting – one wonders where all the energy comes from. This style influences all those around her, and sets a very high standard for other employees to emulate. So clear is she in her insistence that everybody works hard, that I have her interview prospective employees so that they know explicitly that we are all here to work, and that “slackers” are not welcome.


Ms. Sampson combines her perfectionism, determination, broad range of talents, and almost scary work ethic, with a personal, social style of enthusiasm and effusive expressiveness. One never needs to guess what she is thinking or how she is feeling – she lets you know with exclamation points. And she knows, too, how important the explicit expression of praise and affection is to all relationships, both personal and professional. Were she to learn just a bit more patience, she would make an absolutely fantastic team leader, though I believe her attention right now is more directed more towards achieving her own goals.


Quite obviously, I think Ms. Sampson is an exceptional person, and though I have more praise to offer, I will end before gushing anymore. Given even the slightest overlap between the job requirements and Ms. Sampson’s abilities, any firm would be foolish not to hire her.


Richard Spielman